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From Texas-
Texas House installing panic buttons after ‘hostile’ encounters with open carry advocates
by Scott Kaufman

In the wake of increasingly large and frequent protests by the open carry movement, the Texas House of Representatives approved rules that would allow for the installation of panic buttons and give representatives the power to have “hostile” citizens summarily ejected from their offices, The Houston Chronicle reports…”


The video accompanying this news report is quite telling, as well.   While supporters of the antagonist comment favorably on the group’s demonstration in the State Representative’s office, other, (more) sane voices stated that such acts of intimidation and disregard for elected officials will only hurt their cause.  They are correct- and now such acts of forceful confrontation will lead to immediate, forceful removal if not criminal charges.

The antagonist and his group have also drawn the ire of the NRA, who also called their actions and efforts counter-productive.