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Sandy Hook victims
Never Forget
Responsible Gun Laws are Possible


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Responsibility and safety is all part of a ‘well-regulated militia’. A vast majority of NRA members and the general public agree.
We Are Newtown
Every time, every loss, we lose more and more of our collective innocence.


Texas gun rights group reenacts Paris massacre with ‘armed civilian’ — and everyone still dies

Over the weekend, a Texas gun rights group repeatedly reenacted the Charlie Hebdo massacre in order to determine whether it could have been prevented if one of the editors or cartoonists had been armed, CBS DFW reports.  (video here)

Members of the group, “The Truth About Guns,” recreated the Hebdo offices, then took turns playing the role of the “armed civilian” in the scenario.

No matter how the situation played out, though, one thing remained consistent — if the “armed civilian” confronted the attackers, he or she died. The only time the “armed civilian” survived was when the volunteer playing him ran away at the first sound of gunfire…” (click on headline for full story)

A realistic demonstration which confirms that reality is more painful than fiction.   Law enforcement officers spend much of their careers in intensive training; why should civilians think that, just by carrying a firearm (concealed or otherwise), they will be able to ‘take out the bad guys’?