Vigil For Gun Violence Victims

Hoosiers Concerned About Gun Violence held a Vigil on December 12 at City Market to read the names of homicide victims killed by firearms in Marion County in the past twelve months. This was our contribution to the National Vigil for Victims of Gun Violence this weekend coordinated by the Newtown Action Coalition for the second anniversary of the Newtown shootings.
We read the 96 names available of the 139 firearm shootings reported. Stephen Dunlop, MD gave a short address on the public health implications of this epidemic particularly affecting young black men emphasizing the need to get guns off the street while we work to lower the number of young men at high risk to be drawn into criminal activity by creating better job opportunities and education. Photos from the event are of Rev. Bruce Russell-Jayne reading the opening prayer and Rev. Roger Heimer reading names

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